Wednesday, June 5, 2013

For every little grief to wet his eyes

Anecdotal support for both sides is provided by Marc Piette, a founder of Locu, a start-up that uploads local content such as restaurant menus to Lululemon Crops Pants internet. The firm supplements its core staff of 20 full-timers with 300-600 oDeskers on any given day. He says oDesk has been helpful in developing tools that make it easy to hire, say, 50 workers at a time. The work is not terribly demanding (for instance, looking at menus to ensure that lululemon yoga athletica canada Locu algorithm has properly separated starters from desserts). Mr Piette thinks this is too complex to do via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk site, on which people can do basic “micro-work” such as checking lululemon yoga canada spelling of a web address, but nor is it lululemon yoga outlet sort of professional-level work Elance says it specialises in.

Freelancer, lululemon yoga third-placed exchange, is unapologetic about being cheap; it has more than 7m registered workers, but generates far less work by value than its bigger rivals. In March, Rev, a new competitor, entered lululemon yoga pant fray, launched by former oDesk employees with a mission to “do for online work what Amazon did for online retail” (a mission admittedly shared with everyone else in lululemon yoga pants industry).

Location, reputation, verification

There are other differences in lululemon clothing business models of lululemon clothing for cheap market leaders. oDesk simply takes a cut of all completed jobs; Elance also charges freelancers optional fees for extra services. Both have been trying to improve lululemon closing quality of lululemon clothing for sale reputation-rating system, and to ensure that work is being done by lululemon outlet person who accepted it rather than passed on to someone potentially less competent (“Still lululemon outlet biggest risk,” says Mr Piette).

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